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General FACTs:
  1. Rates are based on the services requested.  Any change in times or destinations may result in a rate change, based on Certified Transportation's current rates.

  2. Cancellation Policy - Trips cancelled with less than 72 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee.

  3. The group is responsible for any and all tolls, parking fees, entrance fees, etc.

  4. Certified Transportation is not responsible for lateness due to road conditions, strikes, acts of god, acts of civil disobedience or acts of government.

  5. Groups may be charged additionally if the bus is left excessively dirty due to food, drinks or other trash.

  6. Food and drinks will be allowed on a trip by trip basis.  Please notify us of your intent so that we may accommodate your needs.

  7. There is to be NO SMOKING of any kind on board any bus chartered through Certified Transportation.  Use of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated from any group at any time.

  8. Group leaders should check the bus at the end of each trip for any article left behind.  Certified Transportation is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged on the bus.

  9. The group is responsible for any vandalism or damage caused by the group while on the trip.

  10. For your safety and comfort there are a few State and Federal regulations that must be me.

  • No person or article of any kind may block the aisle or be forward of the passenger seats at any time that the bus is in motion.

  • The front seats are not to be used for any kind of storage.

  • For your safety, there is no standing on seats, armrests or leaning over seatbacks.

  • Under regulations within Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations, no passenger may stand on any moving bus chartered by a school or for a school group.

  • The group is not permitted to play any portable radios without headsets.

  • Drivers have final say over any activities on the bus, including noise that may be too loud, belligerent or in any way limits the driver's ability to safely operate the bus.

  • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in premature termination of the trip.

Recliner Coach FACTs:
  • Unless other arrangements have been made, most out of town trips must be paid in full, prior to departure date.

  • A complete written itinerary must be forwarded to our office prior to departure date.


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